Meet the team

Jennifer Jacob, CEO & Founder

Robin Brown, Travel Designer


Robin is the woman behind the metaphorical curtain...she helps research the best spots, plan incredible adventures, and then double check all the nitty gritty details. Robin is a Florida native (with strong Michigander roots) and beach connoisseur. While she hasn't been everywhere yet, it's definitely on the list. Robin started her career as a traveling consultant, which cultivated her knowledge of domestic and Carribbean travel. You'll find Robin basking in the sun at the beach, sweating it out at a spin class, or lounging with a cool glass of white.


Jennifer is the detailed planner, travel enthusiast, and proud founder of Explorateur Travel. Travel is changing and more and more, people are seeking culture-rich and authentic experiences. With her experience in the corporate world and a travel obsession, she is eager to make your travel dreams come true! Jennifer loves to eat, take pictures, and most off all, meet people who help her learn about the world! You'll typically find Jennifer with a glass of red wine in her hand and brain-storming up her next trip.

How we work

Explorateur Travel takes the guesswork out of planning your perfect trip by providing affordable à la carte options to create a custom itinerary for every traveler and travel style.

We specialize in planning vacations with a fast turnaround and transparent pricing structure. Our services include comprehensive vacation planning, accommodation assistance, transportation guidance, tour suggestions and bookings, general travel tips, packing insight, and restaurant suggestions/reservations.

We strongly believe that travel is evolving to a more experiential focus, therefore we focus on local and cultural activities within all of our itineraries. 

Once we find out exactly what you want out of your trip, we'll provide you with customized activities, provide accommodation selections, and provide you with an itinerary that holds all confirmation information and can guide you through your travels. Once you give us the thumbs up, we'll send you a link to your itinerary that syncs with your smart devices, as well as printable PDF.

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We have an in depth survey that will guide our travel planners in creating a custom itinerary based on budget, travel style, and overall interests. This is where the magic really happens! Take a look...

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