Are you the type of traveler who...
  • ....wants to enjoy a great glass of wine while people watching from a sidewalk cafe, rather than fighting the lines of a museum?

  • ...would like to learn the culinary secrets of a region from a local, instead of just ordering from a menu?

  • ...wishes to immerse yourself in the culture of location rather than just check off places on a map?


We are your kind of travel company...

And you are our kind of traveler! Experiential travel is our focus, and we want to make your trip as unique and as memorable as you are! We are a full scope travel agency that offers custom itineraries focused on your specific interests.

All it takes is a few answers to our questions, and we'll be off and running to create your dream trip!

Explorateur Travel made my honeymoon easy for my husband and I. Jennifer was extremely knowledgable of each place we were planning to go and gave us some great tips and "can't miss" places that were spot on. She also provided plenty of suggestions and reminders leading up to the trip that helped me pack correctly! I would highly recommend Jen's services and look forward to using her again on our next adventure. Thank you, Jen!—  J.P.